Windows Update service fails to start

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This is an easy one but I have see a lot of posts about it, and this last week I needed to fix a broken Windows Update agent myself as SCCM was no longer working due to the service hanging.

Windows update does not start. (Fails to start or never gets past “starting”)

You may see a DCOM error 10010 for CLSID {e60687f7-01a1-40aa-86ac-db1cbf673334}

CLSID {e60687f7-01a1-40aa-86ac-db1cbf673334} is for SUS (Software Update Service)

The easiest fix is to reinstall the WSUS client.

First set the Windows Update service to disabled.

Reboot computer

Delete the %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution folder

Install the Windows Update Client found here (

After the install is complete:

Set the Windows update service to startup Automatic(Delayed Start)

Start the service


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