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This is in response to Axel Doux’s comment.

So I am assuming you created your EventLog something like this:

New-EventLog -LogName “My new EventLog” -Source “My sources”

And you can write events with:

write-eventlog -logname “My new EventLog” -Source “My sources” -Message “Some Error happened” -id 999

Then to read the log you can use:

Get-WinEvent –providerName “My sources”

You can even see it in the Event Viewer:

But when you make an Eventlog this way it makes it as a “Classic” eventlog

When you try and point to this as the destination you get and error that says that you cannot use Classic logs for destinations

If you look in this registry key you will see all the EventLogs that do show up in the destinations list, these are all Manifest-based Events:


While you can make Manifest-based EventLogs yourself, it is beyond the scope of what I do, and you would be better served finding a programmer (something in the .NET) to help if you want to make your own Manifest-based EventLogs.

Hope this helps you a little.


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